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Simple features. Powerful results.

SportKeeper keeps membership billing simplified, while giving you all the tools your gym needs to be successful.

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Ditch the manual payment workflows

Create recurring memberships that charge automatically by credit card or bank payment. Individual or complex family memberships can be built easily with an intuitive and easy to use membership builder.

  • supports optional setup fees
  • payments via Stripe or ACHWorks
  • supports non-recurring cash based, and punch card memberships
  • member managed memberships through personalized portal
SportKeeper membership builder
SportKeeper digital waivers

Stay legal with digital waivers

Rest easy knowing your facility is covered, with a system designed around requiring a digitally signed waiver to become a member. No need for 3rd party waiver systems.

  • digital record of signature associated with member
  • no limit to the number of waivers you can create
  • waivers are fully editable
  • ability to set a waiver as the primary waiver

A kiosk built for anywhere

Run the kiosk on iPads, and your members can check in using a pin pad, or by scanning a bar code. New members can complete a waiver and automatically be part of your facility in minutes.

  • designed to run on tablets
  • member checkin via pin code or barcode scanner
  • supports automatic checkin as a separate kiosk
  • members can fill out waivers while at your gym
SportKeeper kiosk
SportKeeper calendar

Increase revenue by selling events

Manage internal meetings, or public events that your members can book online via credit card.

  • members can book events online using Stripe
  • email confirmations handled automatically
  • limit an event to a certain number of seats
  • manage private and public events

A modern point of sale (P.O.S.)

Swipe credit cards with best-in-class service via Stripe, while managing your fleet of pre-certified card readers from within our app. All readers natively support EMV chip cards and contactless payment methods.

*Stripe Terminal reader is an additional, but optional purchase, and is used for swiping physical cards. Without Stripe Terminal, cards can be manually entered into a special card form designed to prevent errors when entering. Click here to read more about Stripe Terminal.

stripe terminal graphic
SportKeeper mobile access

Accessible from anywhere

Manage multiple facilities from home, or on the go, on any device with an internet connection.

  • cloud based
  • access with mobile and tablet
  • no PC required
  • no extra software to install

Features built to simplify your workflows

SportKeeper was designed with the goal of being simple and intuitive, with just the right amount of features.

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