January 2020 Update

It's been nearly three months since the last update, so I figured I'd touch on a few new features that have been shipped.

Mailchimp Tagging
SportKeeper will now apply tags to your members when they start a membership. This is a powerful feature to enable targeted marketing! You can manage the members tags right inside the app when viewing a customer in SportKeeper.

Passwordless Login
You can now login to your SportKeeper Account and your Staff Account with an email. The option has been added as a link to both login screens.

Day Passes
Added the ability to create and sell day passes. This includes support for adding multiple customers, which is a really handy feature when you have multiple people in a group under one day pass card.

Customer Documents
You can now upload documents to individual customers. This is designed to accommodate certifications that can be scanned in and now attached to a specific customer.

Other small updates and improvements:
  • Added checkbox options for belay and lead certifications to members
  • Real-time check in notifications now display across the app and include whether or not the member is certified in belay or lead
  • Added support for archiving a product

There's a lot more still coming so stay tuned!