The Financial Impacts of Manual Billing Workflows

I'm at the climbing gym this morning, only I’m not climbing. I’m here to watch Aaaron Parlier, co-owner of Center 45 Climbing & Fitness in Boone, NC, manually bill members for their membership dues. We live in a wonderful age of cutting edge software and automation, but yet there are a few industries that haven’t caught up yet. Places like climbing gyms, skate parks, wake board parks, and trampoline parks are among them.

Aaron clicks around a few times. The system goes through and finds all the members that need to be billed. Then he clicks a “Bill All Members” button , and sits back and waits while credit card and bank transactions are collected and sent to the merchant. 

After a few minutes the transactions are processed. At this point he’s got a small list of payments that failed for whatever reason. Maybe the member changed cards. Maybe their account number was wrong. Whatever the case for the failure, I watch as he exports the failed payments into a Microsoft Word document. Then he explains that he’ll go through each one, and if needed will reach out to the member and work with them on getting the failed payment corrected. 

Every bit of his current workflow is done manually, by hand. When asked how they would handle this when they have 10K members, he replied “hire more people.” And I don’t blame him one bit. He’s bound by the limitations of the software running his climbing gym.

Aaron is not alone. This is the norm, at least for climbing gyms that utilize the software that this one does. And as it turns out, this same software runs an estimated 75% of climbing gyms in the US. This is not a knock on the software in use. It was developed over a decade ago, and due to todays demands, it's showing its age. Todays business models demand more tooling, and smart, automated workflows. 

With Sport Keepers fully automated billing system, members are billed automatically each month on the day they signed up. No need to plan on being around on the 1st of the month. Just sit back, and relax as our software, running under your moniker, emails your users automatically when payments fail. It'll send receipts for successful payments. It’ll even provide a way for members to update their billing information on their own, from within their private membership profile.

The software of yesterday, doesn’t have to be the software of today. Help us redefine gym management software, and request an invitation to our private beta.