How Automation and A.I. will Drive Climbing Gyms of the Future

Sandra walks into her gym, sets her coffee on the desk, and says "Hey Sport, open the gym." The main lights kick on. The stereo system turns on and starts playing from a Spotify playlist. The accent lights turn on under that gnar 60 degree wall that she and the team just finished resetting.

The software running the gym, literally runs the gym. Everything from the lighting systems to the Moonboard. Even the entryway is controlled by the software. Sandras gym runs 24 hours a day. Members with a valid membership can slide their card, and the door unlocks for them. They come and go as they please. Sometimes you have a member with an invalid membership who sneaks in with another valid member. That’s O.K. though because the same software that runs the gym, also keeps track of who enters as well. 

Sandra is still getting settled in, but Sport Keeper is already hard at work. It's running mathematical algorithms and making predictions on who is likely to cancel next. The software is damn smart. It can pinpoint with accuracy who is about to cancel their membership. 

Cameron walks in, and Sport notifies Sandra that he’s checking in for the 500th time. Cameron is a regular. She congratulates him and gives him a $10 gift card. She also congratulates him on his send of the gyms only V11. His climb was logged into Sport with the optional wrists band that members can purchase. Using the wrist band, members can log their climbs into their own member profile within Sport Keeper with a touch of a button.

This data invaluable to the member because they can spot potential plateaus, and adjust accordingly. Sport is so smart that it's actually able to detect when a member is starting to plague in their progress. Automated emails are dispatched inviting these members in for private 1-on-1 lessons at a discounted rate. 

As a gym owner, Sandra uses the data to determine what grade of routes to set. Because Sport can optionally log climbs, she knows that 65% of her members can only climb up to about a V5. This information is super helpful when it comes time to reset problems every two weeks. 

The software that runs the gym, is basically another employee. Only this one won’t ever quit. It’s also smart, and is constantly learning based on how Sandras gym is performing.

We’re reaching the end of the day, and Sport is still working hard. It has automatically processed 106 membership payments today without Sandra or her staff having to do anything at all. Sport shows Sandra the report for the day. She’s happy! Anther successful day in the gym.

"Hey Sport, shutdown the gym," Sandra speaks. The software begins gracefully shutting down the lights in the back, leaving those in the front for Sandra to exit. As Sandra leaves for the day Sport continues to work.  The software is preparing a report for Sandra in the morning, and will recommend that they get rid of the signup fees just for next month. The software knows that historically it’s a low point of revenue for the year, so it comes up with ways to boost revenue in the slow months. 

Sandras gym is managed with confidence. She rests well, knowing it's in good hands.

Our fictional story above may sound far-fetched, but we believe it’s entirely possible. Sport Keeper is committed to revolutionizing the way action sports facilities are managed. But we have to start somewhere. Maybe it starts with you? Request an invitation to our beta, and help us raise the bar for the next generation of billing and membership management software.