January Update

We’re gaining momentum as we near an official launch, and things are getting busy here at SportKeeper HQ in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A week ago we had a sponsored article about gym management software published on Climbing Business Journal. The article was also pushed out on their newsletter, and as a result we had gyms from multiple countries reach out with interest. Three of them are ready to make the leap!

When you’re wrapped up in a project like this for extended periods of time, you tend to repeat and test the same areas without even realizing it. Having multiple sets of fresh eyes giving feedback really helped to highlight the areas that were important to gym owners. 

What's left to do?
I have a lofty goal of supporting more than just the U.S. market, and I designed the platform to do just that. The initial plan was to introduce this after launch, but given the interest of gyms located outside of the U.S., this became a priority. I’m happy to announce that SportKeeper now supports 220 currencies in 26 different countries. This means that if your gym is located in any of the 26 countries that Stripe supports, you can utilize all the great features like recurring memberships and credit card processing.

If your gym is not in one of the 26 countries that Stripe supports, you can still use SportKeeper using the cash payment options. After launch, we’ll be working to integrate a second payment processor that will expand all of SportKeepers features to support even more countries.

We want to make it easy for existing gyms to make the leap to SportKeeper. This involves completing the migration utilities. When the private beta is released you’ll be able to import your customers, and subscriptions from Stripe. In addition to Stripe, our goal is to also support migrations from Rock Gym Pro, and Mindbody.

The last two aren’t as simple as Stripe. Their software can’t be downloaded without contacting them, which leaves us in a bit of a pickle. This is where you might be able to help.

Do you want to make the leap to SportKeeper, and currently use Rock Gym Pro or Mindbody? Help me finish the migration utilities in exchange for 50% off your first three months of SK. Your work entails exporting data in varying formats. If you’re interested in this opportunity, shoot me an email.

Community Initiatives
It’s important to me to help others, and launching this startup offers opportunities to do just that. To help scratch that itch, we’re going to partner with non profits and donate large portions of our sales to help improve the world. A percentage hasn't been decided on yet, but it's going to be a good amount, (like 10% or more). I've been talking to a non-profit group located outside of the US, and they'll be first in line. I’ll have more on this later, as it's really deserving of its own post. Stay tuned for more!

Private Beta Invitations
We’re almost there folks! In addition to the migrations, I’ve got just a couple things left that I really want to get in before private beta invitations can be sent out. Here’s a screenshot of the issue list on Github https://cl.ly/f5c62217a272.

Given what's left to be done, we’re going to send out private beta invitations in two weeks. During the private beta you’ll have your own installation of SportKeeper, and you’ll be able to use all the platforms features. Because it’s a beta, you can and should expect bugs. I don’t expect any major data loss during this time (that’s the kind of tings that keeps me up at night, so my paranoia would never let that happen).

In the meantime, I’ll be working to get these areas buttoned up. If you're interested in an invite, please email me! A lot of people would just say "launch now!, and to be honest we probably could. There’s a big mentality in the startup word that pushes developers to just ship the thing. While this typically works great for consumer based products, the same approach doesn’t fit products built for business. It's important for me to to ensure that this baby can walk before sending it out into the world.

Until next time!