February Update

Holy smokes we’re already nearing the end of February! Can you believe it? Spring is just around the corner here at SportKeeper HQ in the Appalachian Mountains. However, old man Winter isn’t done with us just yet. There’s at least a good 2-3 snows left for us. Mountain weather is always fickle. 

The lack of great weather has got us cooped up inside. This isn’t a bad thing, as I’ve been working hard at fixing bugs, and implementing features based on the feedback you’ve been sending so far during the private beta. Here’s a run down of what we’ve done this month and where we’re headed next.

Updating Memberships with Add-ons
We’ve added a really great experience for updating a members subscription. Quickly add new subscription add-ons, or update existing quantities with incredible ease. The cost of switching plans including proration is automatically calculated and presented as you make changes, giving both you and your customer peace of mind knowing exactly what charges or credits will be processed. 

Using this same UI, you can easily move the member to a “paused” plan, effectively freezing their membership. This is a great option when a member will likely be back, but doesn’t want to pay the initiation fee again upon membership activation. Check it out!

Reusable Payment Methods
While creating an invoice, you can easily toggle saving the card to the member. This is done securely through Stripe, as we never store credit card details. The next time you ring up the member for a charge, you can select an existing payment method. This expedites the checkout process, and enables up-selling to your customers. See it in action.

Punch Card Support
SportKeeper now supports punch card passes as a form of membership. Punch cards are sold as an invoice item, and can be created with any limit of visits, and any cost. Once a member has been sold a punch card, they can check in just like a member with an active subscription would. A customer can have multiple punch cards, and are a great option for gift cards.

Coming up next
Currently under development are widgets that you’ll be able to embed on your own website. These widgets let you display events, and allows customers to book the events and checkout using a credit or debit card.

Beyond that, we’ve begun the initial work on an incredible new feature for SportKeeper that’s guaranteed to give you an amazing and beneficial insight into how your gym is performing. This aligns closely with our goal of helping you to succeed as a business owner. We can’t wait to share more on this in the coming weeks. 

Until next time!!